You sit down and play the video:

Dream of Pixels Teaser Trailer

Not showing much yet, but you can get in the mood for our chillaxing puzzle game that takes place in the clouds.

I’m almost done coding this gorgeous piece of visual ecstasy and it’s by far my best graphics work done so far, thanks to great art direction from Jan Hadžić a.k.a Johanaan. It’s a great team effort and everyone involved is putting in their best work, like the clever game design that started it all, courtesy of Žiga Hajduković a.k.a. Zigah.

To top it all off I brought together an amazing all-slovenian soundtrack featuring Leemajik, Yanoosh, New Wave Syria and the entrancing Jukeen, whose awesome ambient track you can hear in the trailer. The music matches the visuals perfectly and this game really wouldn’t be the same without it.

Thanks to all!

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