You look at the photos:

Finally, a t-shirt design I made that I really like!

After my previous attempts and especially the disappointing Spreadshirt quality, I was ready to give up on t-shirt design.

I did decide to give it one last try when Society6 announced they’re upgrading their print to allow dark shirt colors. I ditched the previous line design (which was not really original in the first place) and went for another kind of minimalism with only keys on the t-shirt.

This beauty finally found its way to Europe and if god-I-hope-these-colors-don’t-wash-out-too-much holds true I can already see it’s going to be one of my favorite tees!

Both my designs available at Society6. Love their service! <3

(I always place an order when they have free shipping and in the time it took for this to arrive today, they already have a new free round till Sunday. :))

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