You look at the photos:

Spectrum vs. C64

2600 vs. Intellivision

5200 vs. ColecoVision

… the list goes on …

Retro T-Shirt Wars is a concept I’ve had on my mind for at least a year, but I didn’t have enough money to buy some test T-shirts and see how the end products look like. Tomorrow/today, on International T-Shirt Day, Spreadshirt has free shipping of tees if you use the coupon T-DAY2012. The sales of my pixel poster haven’t earned me a Lotus Turbo Esprit yet, but it was enough so I can finally order these designs and get one step forward to bringing this project to realization.

So with this disclaimer said (= I really have no fuck of an idea how my combinations of digital, flex and flock prints that I used to go around the limits of colors will look like in real life), I have these set up in the European store for my future fashion domination. If anyone wants to risk it (besides me): Retro T-Shirt Wars.

What do you want to do?